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First let's talk about goalkeepers. Most people trekking tour groups or tours organized by tour operators and see Porter gave a few people is a leg faces when asked why they want one. Now the only thing I have to ask is if you are not training for some marathon trekking expedition, why not use a porter? First, is to give someone a job that otherwise may not be able to feed his family over a bowl of rice a week, and secondly it is not your vacation? So why put yourself through from hell!

Being a trekking guide me for many years, I have witnessed many exhausted hikers themselves halfway and begging or other person Porter to carry your bag for the rest of the way, believe me you can look good with it, but I really do not want to carry your backpack and ours a mountain. I've noticed even people who do it all the way with their heavy backpacks, they may think they have shown something, but when asked how we enjoyed spectacular views, you can almost guarantee they were too busy pushing themselves to the limit to stop and smell the roses, what a waste of a plane ticket to the Himalayas, Why not trek up the hill in the neighborhood instead and save a couple of thousand. Also, if you're about to walk on climate change, which requires so cold and warm weather gear to start in a warmer environment and gradually rising to high altitudes where jackets, hats, scarves and other heavy equipment is required then Porter is a really useful for carrying bulky items until you really need. This type of climate is often found in Nepal, where the lowlands are very warm in the peak trekking season, but still needs to be a coating thickness while trekking up some warm gear summit to watch the sunrise in the cold Early in the morning, that's a lot of extra weight to get through a day.

One suggestion for a Carry Bag to give your Porter is a good line bin heavy duty, usually have their own packs and spare fill the backpack can be a waste of space or simply clumsy, and a garbage bag is further evidence of your water and dry clothes on a cold night is something very comforting. With regard to water transport is gone and your day pack, which tend to lean toward Camel Bak. This little invention is great for All Weather hiking because of its isolation the water in the bladder. Instead of having bottles hanging on the back of backpack or the need to stop every hour for a drink, the Camel Bak is a snug package back, usually light weight, with plenty of room to carry items that need to be visited frequently during the day. Usually the bladder housing 2 liters (recommended weight per day of water) via a tube from this, connecting over the shoulder and terminating in a nozzle that can be locked to stop leaks, and easily led to drink while walking, without missing a beat.

Some things I have with you always in the backpack is: sunscreen (repellent in warm weather), water purification tablets (if clean water is not possible), snacks (sugar candy to suck) high-energy bars, medical kit (give your doorman of her medical team if they are with you), your camera and an emergency poncho or garbage bag replacement, why do you ask? Well, if not for you then it is your package, there is nothing worse than having a wet package, its weight, everything inside is wet and the camera can suffer from a heavy for the poor, even if the package comes with its own cover, these things tend to fail in heavy rain or tropical. I've been known to use an umbrella also in tropical climates, wrapping my bag in a poncho, and instead of getting wet clothes rubbing or sweating in a jacket the rain, I think an umbrella much lighter! It may sound funny, but it is actually quite practical. Remember that you can access almost anything from their goalkeeper the way, but in fact tend to have everything you need so you do not constantly have to unravel just for you. Most importantly, please use a company certified travel paid by the goalkeeper correctly, I can assure DTours original travel company are very vigilant in this regard. Travel wise and Enjoy

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