Tube Adapter Kodak

Tube Adapter Kodak
i have a kodak z712 with a telephoto lens need help!?

i just got the 2x lens for the camera along with the adapter tube and without the lens it takes great pictures even at full zoom but with the lens on at full or even half zoom there seems to be a purpleish haze around things and a little bit out of focus does anyone know what is causing this?

UV filters are used to reduce haziness created by ultraviolet light. A UV filter is mostly transparent to visible light, and can be left on the lens for nearly all shots. UV filters are often used for lens protection, much like clear filters. A strong UV filter, such as a Haze-2A or UV17, cuts off some visible light in the violet part of the spectrum, and so has a pale yellow color; these strong filters are more effective at cutting haze,[1][2] and can reduce purple fringing in Digital Cameras.[3] Strong UV filters are also sometimes used for warming color photos taken in shade with daylight-type film.

Also, here is a step by step link for using a Kodak close-up lens:

The Moon clear night.