Tube Hood Filter

Tube Hood Filter
Can I install a CDC shaker hood scoop in my ’06 mustang with a K&N cold air intake?

The CDC website says it’s possible to install a shaker hood scoop to a vehicle with an after market cold air intake, but in the photo examples it doesn’t look possible because the scoop has a tube that connects directly to the factory air filter box. Has anyone installed a CDC shaker to an engine that already had a after market cold air intake? If so please help.

the cdc website says it can be installed on an engine with a CAI “with a little creativity” and that means….NOT easy, you will be cutting into the existing CAI at some spot, and I have to expect there are 2 issues:

–it will certainly lessen the effectiveness/performance of the ram air shaker system, which is most effective from a performance perspective if installed directly on stock intake, than routed through an aftermarket CAI.
–you have to insure that any modification you do with this installation will be fully water resistant. the biggest issue with any aftermarket air intake installation is resistance to water entry (water lock will likely fail an engine).

if you really want the shaker, i recommend you swap back your stock intake and sell your CAI on ebay….or keep existing CAI. cause
in terms of overall performance they both are about the same, of course if you like the ram air scoop that’s another issue ( i do not – i prefer extractor hood styles or cowl hood styles)…….

cheers, 04 cobra

86 Firebird LS1 open headers, shown under hood