Two Battery Sony

Two Battery Sony

Calibrating the battery cell

First, the test voltage to zero, the machine can not start naturally, can not use power for the load (the battery light is off).

Remove the battery, talk about the internal situation of the battery.

Battery in a total of 9 can be placed 18 mm in diameter, 65 mm length CGH18650 basic models of the location of the lithium batteries, 22 Panasonic batteries in parallel, three groups of series (OK, so my new Dell Inspiron 6000 battery, as well, appears to be 6), there is a very fine control with a single chip – the protection of the circuit, the circuit for the team a total of five output contacts, respectively, are negative, the clock and data.

First and foremost to the sticky in the probe for detecting battery temperature (heat resistance), and insurance for temperature protection, are also normal. Test-retest the battery voltage of each group, in which two sets of battery voltage 3.8V, normal, a Dell Latitude D820 battery voltage 0V, seems to have expired. The total battery voltage of 7.6V, then the battery failure is not yet open, then the measurement of very small internal resistance, almost in a state closed circuit.

First, the failure to deal with Dell Inspiron 6400 battery, battery repair based on past experience, the fact that the battery can not be completely damaged, can be activated through a series of methods, in particular the State for a short in the href = ""> Dell XPS M140 Battery. The battery voltage to 0 with one end connected to the circuit board outside line to avoid damage to the circuits in operation. open circuit voltage of the battery after the new poll, remains 0V, ruled of short-circuit boards.

To short-circuit the battery failure, the method is more effective method of high voltage electric moment, using the old Sony power supply (my power backup), 3A 16V maximum output string to the meter (a tributary of the current file 20A), the first Even negative power supply with battery anode, cathode and a power meter, then pen table red, black pencil meter table cathode drumming, speed, faster as far as possible, the first two degrees to see the meter has reached close to the 2A (moment) and 0.4 A third in just over an immediate end Dell XPS M1530 measure the battery voltage has been restored to about 3V, the internal battery short circuit has been a instant boiling high current (If you do not damage the battery to stop immediately, even if so, the battery life and capacity have been impact, if conditional, or recommend replacement, but if the replacement, then try to change the whole battery pack). However, the Dell Inspiron 1545 of the battery needs to be a separate charge (if the battery charge of the whole group, this will result in the other two groups had mesenchymal cells) connect the charger to begin charging ammeter to monitor during the charging current to 500 mA or less, 3.6AH battery current is small, but the charger is the load current is limited and a small current to the HP Pavilion dv9000 battery of charge is good for the resumption. After about six hours, the charger showed the battery is full, continue with the new post for about two hours, remove battery, measure voltage has reached 4.2V, bright halogen lamp in the lantern (3V, 500 mA) for download of the cases, the discharge current strong focus 700 mA, the battery pack has been basically restored, continue to play until the battery voltage to 3.8V, the purpose of the two groups with the voltage from the battery, charging time together in order not to overload the back to solder the battery pack all the battery automatically.

From the HP Pavilion DV8000 battery voltage while the circuit board there is no exit, then surely have damaged the circuits, after observation, the negative input circuit board (making battery) output (contact output below) is directly connected, and the positive input and the output of a thyristor control High power thyristor remains in state court, that is, the control circuit has not been output control signals to the SCR control terminal or simply the SCR has been destroyed. (Measured after the control signals that I did not) because they have the ability to repair single-chip microcomputers. IBM to take account BB protection more perfect, is about to run out of battery power will automatically shut off when the battery is intended to be used for entertainment, therefore, need not overly worried, so I decided to shake hp battery protection circuit, depend directly on circuit BB protection. SCR is in the input and output pins (ie cathode circuit board input and output pins) from the welding of a fuse of 2 small, 2A fuses select the reason is based on actual usage, the largest consumption of computing power, the current does not exceed 1.9A, 2A circumstances sufficient capacity unusual (eg a short circuit accident), but also to ensure that the fuse of the time, but also play a role in protection.

In fact, directly to the SCR control terminal so that it can be a high turnover, but taking into account the current of the battery must be a reason for burn, and the reasons for the identification of the protective measures taken before or better in order to avoid further losses.

Well, the battery power was the first non-stick, and the machine to try it! Normal boot, plug in power immediately after the load of flashing lights are up, the way to load the Sony battery VGP-BPL9 a look at random in the information management software of the battery, was also shown, the circuit board Battery This shows that the chip still works.

Sony VGP-BPS4 Batteries battery is a Panasonic, the time of the factory in June 2000 first time in October 2000, the design capacity of 38.88Wh, the 38.88Wh current capacity, is the charge cycle: 0 times.

Oh, I do not know how to participate in the href = "Http://"> Sony VAIO VGN-FZ of the battery can be burned when burning confused, even cycles to zero Now maybe a new battery.

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