Two Replacement Battery

Two Replacement Battery

How to buy a replacement battery for your SONY VAIO Series Notebook

Sony is famous company over great products, computers Sony laptops are popular
in the world, many people are confused with the battery, which is the important part of the laptop, the battery is not OEM, non-original battery is replaced,
When you decide to buy a replacement, some people say offen substitution is not compatible with my laptop when you save the money, usually spend much time in contact with the vendor for battery exchane

Sony portable company produts many series, such as SONY VAIO VGN Series, SONY VAIO PCGSeries, SONY VAIO Laptop VGN Series are very popular in many countries
the battery code of these SONY VAIO Notebook Series VGP-BPS2A, VGP-BPS2B, VGP-BPS2C "> VGP-BPS2, VGP-BPS2A, VGP-BPS2B, VGP-BPS2C. That also become part of the original battery no.only is marked on these codes are usually making a feature, as

Battery Type: Li-ion
Capacity: 4400mAh
Color: Black
Dimension: 206.55 x 49.40 x 19.50 mm Capacity of certain products of manufacturers replacement battery is greater than the original to attract customers, pls pay attention to many manufacturers of such products Battery is not supported these models VAIO VGN-C240 Series, VAIO VGN-FS115 Series, VAIO VGN-FS285 Series, VAIO VGN-FS570 Series, the VAIO VGN-SZ1 Series, the series VAIO VGN-SZ110, VGN-SZ15 VAIO Series VAIO VGN-SZ18, VAIO VGN-SZ2 Series, Series VAIO VGN-SZ220, VAIO VGN-SZ3 Series Series VAIO VGN-SZ38
when you buy parts for your laptop, pls attention the previous model, some products of manufacturers of replacement batteries very good, they update the products to fit most portable. Here are three steps when you purchase correct replacement battery, high quality

An investigation of the laptop model and part of the original battery

2 Verification of the function of the battery factory

3 pls check if the battery is compatible with some suppilers laptop.gernerally mark in the battery or their website

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