Ultra Violet Filter

Ultra Violet Filter

Ultra allergen filters of paper with holes

Each trip to the hardware store finds me wondering how to inform the general public the ineffectiveness of the very expensive "Ultra Allergen" paper filters. I know that each of these customers think they are doing something good for your health, in fact, cost alone makes them feel like this should be an effective solution to your allergies. How I can get the word out? Write the truth and the hope that the truth burning a hole in all the "fluff" marketing is widely used in air cleaning market.

If you read the product label indicates that is effective up to 91 percent of large particles (read more than 1 micron). It also states that the protection of your heating system. The confusing part of the marketing is the fact that it has a sticker that displays the logo of the American Lung Association. Looking closely, we see that are allies in the education about indoor air quality. This does not mean that their products are endorsed by the American Lung Association, just to help put together educational material to them.

The American Lung Association has met the requirements for a house "healthy." These requirements are met only by Ultra Allergen filter paper, while products like the breeze Electro electronic air cleaners far exceed those standards. In fact, the majority of harmful particles in your home are less than 1 micron. That's why we refer to the role Ultra allergen filters as filters made of paper with holes. They are about 2 percent below 1 micron efficient because the size Hole in the document is not less than one micron!

Compare Ultra Allergen filter paper with the electronic air cleaner Electro Breeze and sees a big difference efficiency. Electro Breeze air filter is capable of efficiencies of 97 percent to 0.3 microns! 0.3 microns is where we see that the harmful particles that your body can not filter out. This type of efficiency is comparable to a HEPA filter used in cleanrooms and hospitals. While other companies air filter uses phrases like "Ultra allergen high-performance, micro-particles "to make their product appear effective, the Electro Breeze shows you the test data to test the effectiveness of their products.

The high efficiency air cleaner from Electro Breeze is a panel filter that uses a 1 inch pad replacement at a cost of about $ 12.00 per pad, while you could spend about $ 21.00 for Ultra Allergen filters. If cost were the only factor, would be enough to change to the breeze of electro, but the cost usually not the test. Most users Electro Breeze is allergies and asthma and found that they can not live without this kind of efficiency. They are free to roam to every corner of their homes without fear of dust, mold spores, pollen or pet dander.

Electro Breeze air also offers its clean high-efficiency, combined with an ultraviolet light, easy to install Mount Kit UV ducts. All its products are available for purchase on-supply.com www.electro breeze. You will also find the test data and videos on how to install duct mounting kit UV and other useful information. Customer service is personal and friendly people helping people very real.

About the Author

John Hendrickson writes to clear the confusion in an over-marketed and over-solicited air purifier market. Find more information about John and the Electro Breeze brand products at www.electro-breeze-supply.com