Ultra Violet Protector

Ultra Violet Protector

Parts of the brain Boca football-Pads stay in the game with enhanced security

Why risk incurring a serious injury that could keep you enjoying the sports they love? With Brain-Pads, the main mouth guard protection, there is no reason to put at risk. The inventive system is designed with an athlete's needs in mind and offers excellent protection and enjoyment of favorite activities.

Brain-Pads are an ideal solution for the requirements of any contact sport. Although a good choice for any serious athlete, Brain-Pads have received much acclaim for its use as a football mouth piece excellent. system's ability to protect all users of the shock makes them ideal for players that have to be prepared for the dangers that come with football. The nozzle, football is able to protect against the harshest tackles and unexpected successes, keeping safe from injury while concentrating on the game at hand.

On the lower jaw locking in a static position, the football brain-Pads nozzle is able to protect against secondary injury of the common effects that often lead to concussions. Brain-Pads jaw maintain secure and prevent the back slopes of the mandible being pushed back vulnerable groups and to take from the ATM. Taking innovative sports protection is easier than ever for professional and amateur athletes to stay out of serious danger for the Safeguarding of the brain and the neutralization of the most negative effects of sports-related impact.

The camera NatureZone ™ oral application makes it easy to store and disinfect brain-Pads or any other athletic mouth guards. Brain-Pads sold this technology to their hospital use customers through your store to promote their unprecedented consolidation. NatureZone ™ makes a great solution for cleaning your piece of brain-Pad mouth football. Use a chemical free system to fight germs and bacteria to combat the new place. NatureZone ™ applies ultraviolet [UV light] and [ozone O3] to kill 99.9% germs threatening costumes like MRSA, staph, E. coli, streptococci, and more. Users simply place their mouthguard inside the camera and pressing a button. NatureZone Box ™ 's is flooded with UV light and ozone ions completely disinfect any equipment in just three minutes.

You can rely on the design of brain-Pads, knowing that was created by sports doctors for the demanding requirements of athletes. The history of Pads brain system goes back to a professional boxer Jesse Ferguson, an athlete who is facing the end of his career due to a debilitating injury. Having developed the severe disorder of the temporomandibular joint, Ferguson suffered from massive headaches, nausea, and debilitating, the most important thing for a fighter serious problems seemingly insurmountable balance. He avoided a premature end to his career when his revolutionary duty doctor developed a new mouth. Now, many years later, Brain-Pad is still being used by top athletes. Owen Shmitt the NFL always be seen with the guard as a football mouthpiece, knowing that he help you enjoy a long and secure career.

Do not gamble with your safety – Brain-Pads store and use the revolutionary nozzle to stay protected during playback in any sport.

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