Underwater Case Casio

Underwater Case Casio
Diving with camera??

I’m heading off to the Great Barrier Reef this summer to do some snorkeling and scuba diving and am totally excited, but I really want something so that I can take my camera with me.

I have the Casio Exilim S880, and no underwater housings are made specifically for it. I’ve found some things like bags so that you can take your camera underwater, but am afraid that they aren’t as effective.

Also, I’m sure if any damage did come to the camera, the warentee wouldn’t cover it since those bags aren’t Casio products.

Is there any alternative, or does anybody know of a good case that works with Slim Digital cameras?

PS I wouldn’t take it Scuba Diving, that would definitely be too risky. Just for more shallow snorkeling.
Thanks fhotoface but my camera is a small point-and-shoot. I had looked at that site before–are the smaller cases still as good as the one you sent me the link for? I was looking at something like this:

You can try this device: Good to 3 meters


Waterproof Case Test: dicapac W-310