Underwater Housing Powershot

Underwater Housing Powershot

Underwater Photography – Photography Tips

If you travel around love photography, and most likely have been taking a number of images while on holiday and if you're on vacation in a warm place as some beautiful coral reef, at some point you are going to snorkel or dive time you may be wondering: "How I can get pictures of the coral reefs?" It's easier than it sounds, however there are some things I'd recommend.:

The first part is to get a Waterproof Housing for the camera, but before going further – When I say "the camera, "I mean the point of small and shoot camera that is cheap. The reason I say this is that digital Slr Camera under the water often cost rather than the camera itself. I'm not exaggerating, it's amazing what they cost. Therefore, unless you want to risk losing money at its disposal to continue with a camera cheapest first. You can buy these cameras underwater for about $ 150. In fact, it would be much cheaper for you to buy a brand new point of range high and shoot (like the excellent Powershot Sony) and an underwater case for it, than it would to buy almost any housing for its current dSLR.

I can not explain, but unfortunately that's the way it is. Therefore, the first part of this is to buy your camera, and resigned as the fact that you're not taking your SLR camera underwater digital, unless you can afford to also part with their money.

If you are wanting to shoot under water then there are a couple of challenges.

First, there are things under the water can stand in your way or possibly evil. But leaving that aside the main problem is the light, and in fact the lack of light. Ideally, when shooting in deeper waters requires a flash or other light source so you can capture a good color to your photos. If you're shooting near the surface, then you should be able to maintain a small ISO speed, but once you start going deep – about 30-40 feet, a look at the speed shutter.

The back light at this depth is low, and if you start with shutter speeds of 1 / 30, 1 / 15, or below what we have is a lot blur incredible, but unfortunately we do not know that until we are on the computer (or have made copies), because I say this with me now, everybody all the approach is in its small LCD screen. Therefore, if you are buying a point and shoot camera under water then see if you can get a low – the noise at high ISO to be quite low.

His other problem is the color, and a bluriness or mist in the photos. The good news is Adobe Photoshop allows us to retouch photos below so that we can get better pictures, but I'm not always a fan of this method – it is always best to try to take the best photos can.which works surprisingly well.

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Canon SD980IS underwater with Ikelite housing