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Surf Fishing In The Spring

After a long, cold winter waves Delmarva is starting to warm up and most welcome signs of life are appearing. In recent weeks I have been closely monitoring coastal water temperature and I am happy to see the surf temps have increased significantly. This temperature rise is caused not only by a few warm sunny days, but also several consecutive days of south wind. With the warmer water, sand fleas being presented and can be found in the wash. sand fleas are often overlooked when it comes to bait, but have a good meal to many hungry fish species.

We should see more blue fish this month and have already seen mackerel (whiting) and puffer fish. Kingfish always fun to catch and are the bread board excellent. When targeting kingfish, I use a medium action rod 8-foot with 10 pounds test monofilament. You can find most of prefabricated platforms jack mackerel off the local shops. The bait of choice is bloodworms, earthworms Fishbites Alternatively, small pieces of cut bait such as strips of menhaden (bunker), shrimp and chopped squid. If you decide to keep your fish king, who heads sure to save for your next trip to the surf. A kingfish head is probably one of my favorites bait stripers (striped bass or rockfish) and red drum.

There have been several very nice black drum caught in the Assateague Island surf in recent weeks that go to 49 inches. These powerful fish can be found cruising near the coast and the search for the waves in search for crabs, sand fleas and mottled. When fishing for black drum, I use a fishfinder rig with circle hooks 8 / 0. These fish are bottom feeding, so having a shorter leader could be beneficial. These fish can be a little tricky if you're not paying attention. Black drum have been known to "mouth" the bait and can easily steal your fresh peeler crab or clam. Keep your hooks sharp and close to your rod tip. The baits of choice when targeting black drum include peeler crab, clams shucked chowder, fleas sand and I've heard some success stories with Fishbites artificial baits.

Stripers are doing their migratory journey back up in the cold waters the coast of New England. In recent years, the surf fishermen have consistently shown that the month of May is prime time to catch the fish great for the beach. Stripers often swim close to shore feeding on small fish, crabs and sand fleas stained. As an ambush predator, also stripers like to stick under the water near the structure, such as the suspension in the sandbar. Bajamar is a good time to explore the structure of good beach, then the fish the incoming tide.

Most surf fishermen use fresh bunker as bait in fishing for stripers primary. Bunker can be found in most premises compared to stores. When picking out the bunker, should be firm, sticky and eyes should be clear. Keep on ice until ready to use. An average size bunker can be cut into three or more sections using his head like a bait and cut the body into pieces. " You should discard the belly section and the tail. Other large baits consider while fishing for stripers spring are peeler crab, bloodworms, fresh shucked clams and herring. In my experience, the crab and the clam does not seem so appetizing to the runners and also has a great shot in a black drum hook if it goes through your bait.

For striper fishing, I prefer using a standard "fish finder" rig. Personally, I like to use very sharp 10 / 0-12 / 0 circle hooks. I think more hooks large are easier to bait and gets a bit more difficult for smaller skates and dogfish (sand shark) to get the most hooks on mouth. I use 17 pounds as my test monofilament main line and tie is a leader of £ 50 strokes with a spider hitch knot combination of blood.

If you've never surf fished before and plan to hit the sand this spring suggest there are important factors to consider. The first is to realize that surf fishing is very different other types of fishing. There is no boat or captain to take you to the fish and guide you through each step of the road. When the fish in the surf, you have total control your fishing experience of his team to their mood. Of course, being in the right place at the right time will definitely help, but to fully appreciate an experience Fishing navigation course, you must be prepared to be tested.

I have seen many novice anglers fishing waive the surf before they had the opportunity to really experience the thrill of surf fishing. Most of these people start with high hopes, decent deal and everything you need to catch a fish nice. They rush to get to the beach, quickly unpacked their fishing gear, bait their hooks, cast out your bait and wait for the fish will be there waiting for breakfast. After a while they become restless and begin to post at all you are doing. Soon hopes begin to fade and boredom sets in. They wonder how in the world the other fishermen have such great success.

There is no mystery to always catch fish from the waves. No bait "secret" coping with shops keep hidden in the back and not always have to issue 100 yards to reach the fish. The most important things you can take with you are patience and willingness to learn. Over time, have gained invaluable not only knowledge but also confidence. When you least expect it, your rod will bend over the start line to peel off the spool and realize the excitement of fishing for surf and find the fish is not the only "Hooked."

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Sam Kilgore is a published author and owner of http://www.AtlanticAnglers.com. He also owns and operates Ocean Computers, a computer repair and website design business. His passion in life is learning and teaching people many aspects of saltwater fishing.

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