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How to double their profits using their creative LED display

Some people think about the LED screen as a classic tri-vision sign … only more than three faces available in each prism. Now, this is quite reductionist idea of the flexibility allowed by an LED display. The difference between classic LED billboards and walls is the same difference we found between a writing machine and PC!

Think about it. Its LED screen not only enable you to transmit advertising space in 10 seconds loop 24 hours a day. This is the basic feature, but certainly not unique. With its LED display that can do (and win) a lot more, including:

Define different advertising space will be sold at different prices and daily schedule segment through the creation of slots during peak hours, which achieved greater visibility and therefore deserve a higher price premium: this way to differentiate their services by providing tailored and time-targeted advertising, since it happens on television.

TV ads aimed at creating "awareness" when issued the largest number of spectators recipient can be watching, while "direct response" points are issued when the viewers are fewer in number but are more likely to leave their errands to make a phone call.

Following the same concept, you can divide your daily playlist LED screen in less traffic and advertising space high traffic that can be charged at different prices. For example, you could divide each day's work in the following segments:

* From 6h00 to 10h00 = more traffic, higher prices
* From 10.00 to 12.00 = less traffic, lower prices
* From 12h00 to 14h00 = higher
* From 14h00 to 16h00 = lower
* From 16h00 to 20h00 = higher
* From 20h00 to 6h00 = lower
Note: Hours may vary and should be adapted according to the traffic situation in your area.

This way you can maximize peak hours and at the same time, you can use points lower traffic the target more price sensitive potential customers.

Or you could create a "weekend slots are specifically targeted for clubs, clubs, cinemas and restaurants most likely to benefit from advertising on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays … and therefore more willing to pay a price high and its presence in the LED display.

Another thing that has already been successfully implemented by our customers (especially if the LED wall installed in a pedestrian area or by a square), is to transform an LED display digital billboard on a huge television screen during special occasions like the World Cup, Olympic Games and any special event that can bring high impact in that area or country.

Each time these events unfold, companies no LED screen rentals have enough to meet the huge demand temporary municipalities and other authorities, and leases it to the LED screens to an incredibly high price.

You can also benefit from these temporary events by applying a simple USB TV or TV display received in LED and rent to the City Council at a price slightly lower. Now, that's a win-win situation: the Council can deliver the show to its citizens, save money and gain extra for the rental of the screen LED for a few hours, a few days time!

Indeed, you could sell advertising space to customers that want to display their ads during the games, of course, charging a higher price because of the huge audience that watches the LED screen.

These are just some examples of how most our customers expert LED display used their creative and profitable. They realized the big screen is not only a digital signature, but a flexible instrument that media can transform and diversify the market according to requests.

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