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Say Cheese With Canon Ef 50mm F1.2l Usm Af Lens

Known to be a serious glass for serious photographers, the EF 50mm USM is at present the greatest Autofocus lens in its group , thanks to its EF 50mm f1.2L lens . Canon EF 50mm is strong evidence to Canon’s inheritance of optical quality. Every feature of this EF 50mm Lens shows professional excellence from its wide 72mm filter diameter to its dust and moisture sealed building.

Full frame Digital Camera users will enjoy the benefits of Canon 50mm f1.2L focal length, when shooting waist-up portraits while maintaining suitable subject distance. Photographers can use its high shutter speeds to shoot in lower light through EF 50mm USM and help prevent blurring caused by subject movement or camera shake. In addition to a large aperture, the lens also has blazingly fast Autofocus speed and response time. The EF 50mm USM is an ultra-large aperture standard lens preferably suitable for portrait photography. In addition to offering a low depth-of-field with a maximum aperture of F1.2, the lens enables use of quick shutter speeds to decrease motion blur and carry shooting in low light.

A full-time manual focus feature allows photographers to fine-tune the sharpness of their images, even when the lens is set for Autofocus and a glass molded (GMO) A spherical element ensures maximum image quality by reducing spherical aberration and linear distortion.

The EF 50mm F1.2L USM Lens employs a large, high-precision spherical lens element made of extremely refractive glass to minimize aberrations during focusing and keeps a greater image quality throughout the shooting rang. Furthermore, the lens’s ring-type USM (Ultrasonic Motor), high-speed CPU, and an optimized AF (Autofocus) algorithm allow silent and enormously accurate Autofocus operation.

Intended to meet the miscellaneous needs of expert and superior amateur photographers, the brilliant lens features full-time manual focusing, which allow users to focus by hand in the AF mode, and a dust and moisture proof construction, ensuring certain presentation even under harsh situation.

ALl in all, the EF 50mm USM from Canon lenses is tough enough to meet the needs of demanding photographers for sure.

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