Vented Lens Hood

Vented Lens Hood

Mahindra Logan

Mahindra Renault is finally here to impress the car lovers. Logan, perhaps the best sedan indegenous are here for people looking for quality. The eyes were soft, very 80's and the build quality is good, not great but not too bad. There is a touch of cost reduction everywhere, the interior, the front, back. For example the front bumper is made out of the thinnest plastic possible, its fine paper … well almost. I could deformed hand, to the point where the chassis frame is holding the bumper and stop the progress: P, it is useless, because even in a lower collision the chassis that bear all the brunt.

The only saving grace is the sculpted front hood, along with the lights of a nice way and the wheel arches very well done that go well with the taut lines the car has been fitted. The quiet and simple taut lines I am sure that not a design brief, but are there to minimize the curves and contours of the body so that it could produce cheaper compared to a more developed if he had been for her. In this day and age of a bumper of a car is designed to absorb small low-speed impacts, renault apparently "had to" put the bumper just because every car has … they did … only for the sake of it. The advantage is that a party can be repaired. The taillights are very simple and do their work without even a hint of extravagance. There are patterns of stars, no jewel effect, are not even clear lens … and only one reversing light …. are rather "cheap." The C-pillar and rear fender without a glass quarter looks really weird, but gives a solid feel to the look of the car.

The wheel covers offer the look of an alloy of an eye … causal. Nice.

Cost reduction is the mantra everywhere, and how interiors can be left behind. The seat fabric looks very "cheap" plastic board quality is average, even the AC vents do not catch your eye with cheap silver rings around the circumference, but everything seems to fit together without squeaks or creeks. The power switches are in front of the dashboard window is strange but not a disaster compared to the back of one who is in the middle of the front seats! A person sitting behind a stop back pain windows as is, or will ask the driver to open or close. There are no controls for the driver to operate the rear windows, he / she has to turn the neck and scope electric window buttons to the passengers back and get it to work if he / she wants, or you may have struck a compromise so that the power window switches could be operated from both sides, without giving separate control for driver and therefore cost savings …. again! How does the car really the market remains to be seen.

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