Wall Power Adapter

Wall Power Adapter

Innovative technology in the power adapter Pa3467U-1ACA Toshiba

Sometimes an innovation can have its own life. One case in point is the PA3467U-1ACA adapter, we have introduced the Gateway AC Adapter PA3467U-1ACA.

To create the PA3467U-1ACA power adapter that we moved to the Ethernet port chassis to the power supply and then a private connection enabled wireless point to point between it and the system. We had two objectives in mind. First Instead, to 0.70 cm thick, the chassis was not deep enough for the RJ45 Ethernet connector. Secondly, and most importantly, we knew that would solve many of the common challenges faced by mobile users.

As much as we like to think that wireless is available everywhere sometimes mobile users can still be found in an interconnected world. Imagine arriving in a hotel that offers a wireless network. With the PA3467U-1ACA Power Adapter, you can read through e-mail or work on a document with about thirty meters of wireless connectivity. If you're in the office a client to make a presentation, you can connect to the Internet without leaving your system to the nearest Ethernet cable.

These were precisely the kind of user-scenarios we had in mind. It is worth noting that we could have addressed the problem with a USB to Ethernet dongle offered as accessories to other ultra-portable, but when dongles are left behind or lost, travel can turn into nightmares. And, of course not have the greater mobility of this solution.

What has been interesting is the list of other applications and benefits. For example, I discovered that the PA3467U-1ACA Power Adapter gives me maximum access to bandwidth at home. While my wife and son are splitting the signal capacity of a Wi-Fi video streaming Hulu, I have a dedicated wireless connection.

I also rarely need to hunt down and enter the security keys to access the wireless network. Instead, they connect directly to the wall and use the adapter PA3467U-1ACA for immediate access to my encrypted wireless network.

Have you experienced, or can you imagine, any other novel benefits of this technology? Fill us here or in the forums.

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