Waterproof Case Canon

Waterproof Case Canon

THE ROLE OF CANON Digital Camera

Canon is well known throughout the country as an imaging equipment and information systems. Its products include many copiers, printers, lenses, camcorders, semiconductors among others, and of course Canon Digital cameras.

The latest camera from Canon high-end digital is the PowerShot S2 IS. This is a 5.0 mega pixel Canon Digital Camera features a 12x optical zoom and a 4x Digital Zoom. This baby is equipped with stabilizer Optical image (which is what the IS in S2 IS means) that eliminates camera shake of people who have shaky hands or for taking pictures of the camera. UD Lens found in this canon digital camera provide amazing color accuracy throughout the entire zoom area.

As with many Digital Cameras today These days, this canon digital camera can record some moving images. Now with another first, the S2 allows you to record moving images, and do not need any use for a perfect image incorporated with that moving picture. With the Movie Snap feature, just shoot when you see that perfect image, and saved on your Camera Canon along with recorded video.

This Canon digital camera is also equipped with the DIGIC II image that is designed to increase processing speed and image quality. It instantly says that with the DIGIC II, Canon digital camera has a faster time start-up, playback and auto focus while giving your images the absolute brilliance.

The S2 also support USB 2.0 High Speed standard, so always time will be easier to transfer files to and from your computer. With USB 2.0, you can take advantage of their super high speed SD card.

This camera digital canon also comes with a 1.8-inch LCD power saving and displaying the screen pixel resolution is 115,000. S2 shoots at 30 frames per second, This firing rate can be reduced when taking pictures in night display, to give the brightness that you need to take pictures.

Moreover, the last point and shoot camera Canon Powershot SD500 is Digital and PowerShot SD400.

The SD500 is the first camera of 7.1 mega pixels digital canon which offers amazing images and absolutely to die for details. It has a 3x optical zoom, allowing you to shoot up close with a 37-111mm equivalent with a film 35 mm camera. This is a new design of the constant curve of a Canon digital camera that fits the hands perfectly.

Sporting a design very thin, I would marvel at its 2.0 inch LCD that gives easier frame and play use.

This baby is also equipped with the same processor DIGIC II image of Canon digital camera that gives excellent performance. Also USB 2.0 compatible and works with the same high-speed SD card.

Even better than most digital cameras out there, this gadget can shoot moving images to a maximum of 60 frames per second, ideal for moving objects (Especially in sports) and 30 frames per second for shooting still images. Furnished with scene modes like portrait (blurs the background and focuses on the subject), foliage (Perfecto for the foliage, green flowers), beach (sunny shots without the dark faces), underwater (reduced background scatter. Hint: you can always buy Waterproof Case for underwater photography images), fireworks, night snapshot, kids & pets, indoor, snow and digital macro (larger than life images).

This canon digital camera even allows you to customize and correct to shoot. With modes like lightening shades of skin, positive film, the tones dark skin and others can never go wrong with using a Canon digital camera.

These are just some of the many features of the SD500. There is more to SD500 not yet been discussed. Visit the website <http://www.usa.canon.com> Canon www.usa.canon.com for a full profile of the SD500 and other recent developments and products.

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