Waterproof Case Nikon

Waterproof Case Nikon

Choose a waterproof Digital Camera

The underwater world is full of wonderful scenes serene nature makes us admire and why species disturbed evolution of the sea. Displaying its beauty is one thing, but that the capture of the camera can be difficult. Well, not really. There are two routes really tap the water – to get a Waterproof Digital target = "_blank"> the camera or Waterproof Housing for your current model. Pros and cons of both unevitable are outlined below.

Waterproof Cameras

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It is specially built cameras for underwater photography. No violin guts to mess with the camera is ready for diving, but on the other side is not so great in the earth. The Sealife Reefmaster picture below is a great little Waterproof Digital Camera with an index depth of 40m and is perfect for all those expeditions to the beach or the sea.

Waterproof Camera Guts

Alternatively, if you have a href = "http://www.what-camera.com" target = "_blank"> digital camera and love you prefer, you can buy a waterproof housing to take diving with you. This type of waterproof rubber housing typically provides up to 40 meters and easy to use big shiny buttons. On the negative side, you can always forget to bring its case when it goes, well that is not adapted to the more serious depth, but aside from that should help you have all the fun of a camera Waterproof is dedicated. Jessops sell a wide variety of covers, including many of the Ixus range of Canon and Nikon Coolpix.

The loss of image quality Underwater and the use of Flash

A major problem faced by underwater photographers, besides the hostile marine life and wild hairstyles, is the extreme loss of color and contrast in depth. This is because colors like red and orange is readily absorbed by water, which is why the sea appears as blue and green.

One way solve this is to cut the distance to the subject, preferably less than one meter, as this will minimize the loss of color. You can even use wide-angle lenses get really close. Another way is to use the flash, either the re-one or a dedicated off-camera unit, which will fill the stage with a full spectrum of color.

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