Waterproof Marine Housing

Waterproof Marine Housing
Expoy Question (2 part/marine) Wood Jon boat – only expoying the seams?

I build a wooden jon boat. The boat is 7 feet long, by 2 feet wide. The sides are 13 inches. If I just expoy the seams and then paint, will it float? I used 3/4 inch pine wood to build it, and used waterproof glue and brass screw to fasten it together. I was told this would be fine, because it will not be in the water all the time. I was planning on just using exterior house paint as by primer coat, and then cover that with a floor paint designed for bathroom use. I was told this would be fine, based the fact that it wouldn’t be in the water all the time. Is this a good plan or was I mislead? I’m asking because some people say to expoy the whole boat. I want to use 3 to 4 hours, every other weekend. I only need the boat to hold up for one summer.

Taping the seams and filleting with thickend epoxy is the way to go for long life, as would a further three coats over the surface. However the painting idea you have above will probably give you your one season, and very cheaply. CPES and similar products are all right as far as they go but they are not waterproof and require over coating as above.

The epoxy will give you many years of life, at least a decade if done right, possibly twice that or more if the boat is stored right from experience. The painting with house paint will give you a year or two. So that is why you are getting told to use the epoxy products. It is your boat, and if you want to just paint it and use it then that is fine, and no you are not getting misled. There are a lot of ways of painting a boat. Often the same paint could be put on very differently by different painters, and none doing it wrong either.

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