Waterproof Underwater Bag

Waterproof Underwater Bag
Waterproof Camera Case and underwater pressure?

i’m planing to buy a Waterproof Case/bag for my Sony H10 camera. From what i found, most cases can be used up 30ft.

My question, if i go more than 30ft to 45ft what will happen? will the camera stop working or what?

i’m not aware of the effect of underwater water pressure on the cameras.

The pressure of depth can actually push the buttons in and keep them there. So as you are descending it may snap a picture and keep the button from being pressed again. (or go into the menu/setup and get stuck there)

I would reccomend a Hard Case as opposed to a bag for anything more than 15 feet. As you go do the air in the empty space is compressed in a bag this creates a squeeze (it will shrink and adhere to the camera making it difficult to use) in a hard case the pressure remains the same on the inside of the case allowing for normal function. You just have to make sure that you have a good seal as if the case leaks you’re camera is shot.

They are not cheap, but if you are going to go 30-60 feet, i’d like for a case rated higher than your needs. This helpps ensure that the pressure will not cause issues.

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