Wide Angle Fish

Wide Angle Fish

Fun On Ice: A Guide to Ice Fishing Equipment

Several countries, in the cold north, the practice of fishing style is quite unlike any other form of recreational fishing. Ice fishing is slow, sometimes dangerous sport that requires the angler to have patience and the right equipment

Ice fishing began in the frozen as countries like Canada and Norway, but not limited to these places. In fact, some Alaska lakes freeze thick enough to fish. As its name implies, this form of fishing can only occur in lakes frozen thick enough to hold much weight.

Traditionally, ice fishing equipment amounts to nothing more than a sturdy wooden stick, a long and strong piece of fishing line, hooked and baited, and a stool to sit for several hours. In addition, some prefer to hunt with a sharpened wooden spear. Although his method is not as widely used or appreciated, the spear is another possible piece of ice fishing equipment.

But there is more to ice fishing to sit and wait. The fisherman must also be able to cut a hole through the lake enough frozen for reach the water below. That's where ice blades or ice saws, two specialized articles of ice fishing equipment comes into play, the fisherman uses these tools to cut a hole about two inches in diameter out of the frozen lake. A filter is another piece of ice fishing equipment used to remove the newly formed chunks of ice into the hole.

There are several different types of fishing techniques that can be applied to ice fishing. The first uses small, fast lures and a good eye to catch small game. The second method requires a special piece of ice fishing equipment known as a 'partnership'. Using this method, the fisherman pulls the fishing line hooked multi hand until it strikes, thus "tying" the fish in a network of hooks. The latter method is the method throws, in which the fisherman are fish bait on top of water in the hole, and then wait until the perfect moment to attack.

As I said earlier, ice fishing can be a dangerous sport. The water should be frozen at about four inches thick to withstand the weight of the human resources. " Sometimes the ice is a little thinner than four inches. Errors such as miscalculating the strength of the ice can be a mistake that potentially life-threatening. If one were to fall into a lake partially frozen, he or she will most likely die of hypothermia if not properly treated.

So in conclusion, if you have enough knowledge and equipment of the right ice fishing, ice fishing can be a fun and fulfilling sport that people of all ages can enjoy.

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