Wireless Remote Switch

Wireless Remote Switch

Wireless Burglar Alarms-Its Crime Time! Be Cautioned!

Crime is a major concern in today’s world, and no one’s home is immune from break-ins and burglary. More and more homes are being protected by home security systems, and the home security industry is booming. If you’re thinking replacing or installing a home security system, consider the advantages of a wireless burglar alarm.

Due to increasing demand, the security industry is producing a variety of new and innovative home security systems. The wireless burglar alarm is an outstanding new product in high demand.

Wireless burglar alarms and home security systems don’t need extensive cables or wiring. They use radio waves for communications from sensor to control panel. They make effective use of motion and sound detectors, combined with window and door contacts, to alert you and your security service when an emergency occurs. The central keypad controls and directs the system, and most systems allow the homeowner to arm and disarm their system with a remote, portable control.

Wireless burglar alarms and home security systems consist of these major components:

Central Control Panel. The wireless burglar alarm’s brain is the control panel. Usually located in a cabinet, in the cellar or attic, the control panels receives wireless signals from sensors that monitor vulnerable spots in the home. When a sensor detects intrusion, fire, or gas leaks, it sends an alert to the control panel. The control panel sounds the alarm and, in most cases, notifies the security service or local police, fire department, or emergency service.

Keypad. The keypad is used to activate, deactivate, and test the wireless burglar alarm and home security system. Usually located near entry doors or the master bedroom, users enter a specific code to operate the system. Keypads are easier to use than earlier systems, and they usually include a LED screen or panel that makes them easier to see at night. Most keypads also have single-touch alarm “panic” buttons for fire or medical emergencies.

Magnetic Contacts. These contacts are used to monitor windows and doors. When the magnet signal is interrupted by the door or window being opened, the switch trips the system alarm.

Sensors. Home security systems use infrared sensors that can detect motion or body heat that enters the infrared beam. Also called Passive Infrared Sensors (or PIRs), these sensors are used when no one is home, and they’re located in areas where a door or window magnet contact is not practical or where a larger area needs to be covered. They also alert the control panel when they detect motion or body heat, and an alarm sounds.

Cameras. Security cameras are added protection in wireless burglar alarm and home security systems. They allow the homeowner to monitor vulnerable areas with a video monitor and to record activity when hooked up to a VCR. They make the wireless burglar alarm system more versatile, as the cameras can be placed in nurseries to keep a careful eye on infants or on the exterior of the home to monitor large yards. They make it possible to identify visitors and to record an image of burglars for later law enforcement efforts. It is possible to use infrared cameras that can monitor and record in the dark as well.

Monitoring Service. While a wireless burglar alarm system can be used separately, this added service provides for constant monitoring and communication about emergencies from another location through a security service company. The control panel is configured to send the signal to the security company using radio waves, and the security service tracks signals and monitors for alarms. When an alarm sounds, the security service contacts local law enforcement or emergency services to get a prompt and appropriate response. Services are affordable, and greatly enhance the effective protection from wireless burglar alarms.

It’s time to move up in the world of home security technology. Wireless burglar alarms are easy to install, easy to use, and effective protection for your family, your home, and your possessions.

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