Zebra Case Lcd

Zebra Case Lcd

Zebra ID Card Printers Overview

If you are looking for a printer that is "made in USA", Zebra has the solution for you. This Illinois-based corporation distributes its products in nearly 100 countries, but maintains its production base close to home. dye-sublimation ID Company card printers are part of a product line that includes much larger bar codes, labeling and marking of RFID technology. This widely recognized brand is used by an impressive 90% of the companies listed in Fortune 500 and is an innovator in the rapidly expanding chain.

Each machine can Zebra print both black and white color PVC or cardboard on the compound. These units can be supplied with 3-track magnetic strip encoders and offer two years warranty all teams. Some models offer improvements in security that includes a period of extended coverage and a hot swap program designed to keep your program Registration of mobile identification with minimal downtime in the event of component failure. All Zebra range of machines is a sale price in a climate of economic difficulties so you do not have to wait for a revival of the market to invest in a unit for his office.

P120i and P110i

These models top 10 pound desktop can handle entry-level and mid-volume jobs for companies, resorts, schools, and many other industries. The only 110i double-sided printed cards and the 120i covers the front and back for more design options. Both models can be equipped with automatic feed hoppers CardSense feeders continuous or one-on-a-time according to their need to print cards in bulk or in individual units. monochrome ribbons are available in black, blue and white so you can print on a variety of colored card stock and still have the text appear clearly.

Training is quick and easy in these systems intuitive design and this will save you time during the learning process. user-friendly features include LCD display (which provides information data), the drop-in ribbon cartridge design, and blue contact points that allow operators to know which sections are open for access into the equipment. Even replacement print head is directly on the P120i, as no tools required.

P330i and P430i

The 330i is a printer high speed in a face that has a card design created specifically angled hopper to reduce misfeeds. The 430i unit also has duplex a rejection bin that automatically releases the letters that do not encode properly – allowing you to detect errors before distributing the final product to customers or employees. Both these models can be formatted to incorporate the latest in passing through the encoding options for contact and contactless smart chips. Built in Ethernet is also to connect these printers to your existing computer network without an additional device.

Since the 330i and the 430i can handle a variety of card thicknesses, you have the opportunity to print your business cards the company's 10 million-resistant PVC to create long-term ads. The head printer automatically aligns for maximum image clarity and sublimation ink ribbons from Zebra are designed to give bright color. Making visual impact to your card printer has never been so easy.

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