Zoom Camera Battery

Zoom Camera Battery
What is the best long zoom (10X and up) Digital Camera for an aspiring semi-pro? Need good pictures to light the & action

I have an Olympus C-755 now and like it except for it is difficult to take good pictures in low light without using a tripod that I can not carry around when I travel. So I want to upgrade. SLR look good, but do not have a built-in zoom length. I do not want to carry a separate lens. I like cameras that use regular AA batteries. We saw a Sony Alpha and liked it, except for the zoom is not big enough, but I like the focus on it, good for good pictures in low light, even from afar. Any knowledgeable people have any advice? Thank you (Does anyone know about the Canon S2 or S3 IS? Good for low light?)

Compact cameras are about a 3x zoom. Want more than that, so what you get, it will not fit in your pocket. The Canon S3 is probably a good option is the best megazooms. It has 12x zoom, image stabilization, etc, and received very good reviews: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canons3is/page14.asp One thing the S3 has no however, good high ISO performance. From the review: "ISO 800 mode is too noisy to be really useful." But frankly, this is a problem with long-zoom cameras ALL. The only point and shoot cameras with high ISO image quality are a couple of 3x zoom Fuji. The Fuji F30, F31, etc are good in low light. Another thing to point and shoot cameras do not do well, it's the action photography. They all have electronic viewfinders – that puts you in 1/10th seconds behind the action first, relatively slow autofocus (especially in low light), and relatively long shutter lag. Adding the three things together, see a world of difference from the realization of a Digital Slr. You mentioned the Sony Alpha. This camera is a digital SLR. Not my favorite though. Instead, it would have a look at the Pentax K100D – is small, relatively inexpensive and has a built in image stabilization. Or the Nikon D40 / D50 or Canon Rebel XT. Canon and Nikon does not put image stabilization in the body, but in some (high end) lenses. Canon and Nikon have an insanely good upgrade path, however, and entry level of these bodies give instant access to its full line of lenses. These entry-level digital Slr Cameras are larger and more expensive than the S3, but to get better low light performance, better responsiveness, more creative control, and (with a worthy goal) better image quality. You can keep relatively compact things have any of those bodies with an all-in-a goal, something like a 18-135mm or 18-200mm zoom. These do not provide a high quality zoom, but are worse than the 10x zoom lens point and shoots. Even with 2GB of flash memory, these basic configurations dSLR cost less than $ 900. That site I, always has in-depth reviews of all the models I mentioned.

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12V 5V USB 12 Pin Zoom Battery Power System F B4 ENG EF GF GH fujinon eng Lens


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VIVITAR RL60Z 35mm SERIES Tested Works Needs Battery Zoom Camera Auto