Zoom Camera Lens

Zoom Camera Lens

How to Select a Surveillance Camera

When he finally was ready to select your camera surveillance, to carry out its well thought Home Security project, you should note that, in addition to other important aspects, the lens plays a decisive role in the performance of the camera.

It is the goal that determines the amount of light entering the camera. Besides the quality of materials and manufacturing, usually reflected in the price, some features Objective have much to do with the displayed image.

Even if you do not want to become an expert in lenses, there are some concepts you should understand before buying the surveillance camera.

The issues are well known in the field of still photography, so that the principles should not be completely unknown to anyone takes a little practice of family picture taking even a very basic level.

In most cameras, the lenses are interchangeable. Therefore you must decide whether the image in the monitor is satisfactory for its implementation, with reference to the depth of focus, viewing angle and the amount of detail you want to distinguish.

If you are not satisfied with the performance of the standard lens supplied, you should ask to see how a different lens would improve the pictures you want to watch.

Normally you must select the best overall picture for this purpose. Note that changing a feature (That is, opening) one modifies other related properties (ie, the depth of focus).

The overall result is a matter of commitment which, sacrificing a bit of a feature we get a better response from another.

fixed focal length is a common selection: although limiting somewhat the dimension of space where all objects in results clearly perceived (depth of focus), simplifies the mechanical construction and reduces the price.

You may be familiar with the autofocus feature modern Digital Cameras. There is no comparable capability in cameras because they have to work without supervision. A lens whose focal length is manually adjustable focal length lens is called variable, but should not be regarded for the purposes of surveillance.

Also too sophisticated implementation would be a motorized zoom lens, capable of being sent away to select the preferred level of detail between wide angle and telephoto.

fixed iris or aperture is another characteristic to consider simplifying the construction and operation, although with a commitment to image quality. It would probably be more easy to provide sufficient illumination then going for more complex optics.

In conclusion, despite the nice and expensive alternatives available for home surveillance system that it would be easy to select one of the simplest glasses, provided that the image quality is sufficient for the object purpose.

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